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AAA responds to AOC review

The Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA) has noted with concern the issues raised by the review into the culture of the AOC and supports the full implementation of all 17 recommendations from the review.

We expect, and often contractually require, our athletes to promote, protect and advance the ideals of the sport and the Olympic movement. We must also expect the same from the AOC and its administrators.

The AOC must acknowledge its flaws and commit to the Olympic ideals and culture we expect from all those involved in sport.

This will require leadership and stakeholder engagement to ensure it is accountable to the review and to its stakeholders, especially the athletes. The review states this has been clearly lacking.

Strong leadership is required. Leadership is the willingness to standing up for yourself and your teammates, both when times are good and, especially, when times are bad. Leadership is being accountable to your team both by your actions and your words. For the review to be a worthwhile use of valuable resources will require this form of leadership.

Furthermore, the governance structure of the AOC must apply modern day best practice. The AAA Policy Platform, released in 2014, emphasises good governance as being an integral part to the success of sporting codes and athletic careers. This message is as important now as ever before as we seek governance in sport which values transparency, morality and accountability.

We stand for well-governed sports and sporting organisations that make decisions which not only lead to sporting success but which are ethical, transparent, accountable and in the long-term interests of all stakeholders including the athletes.

Finally, the AOC needs to regain the trust of its athlete stakeholders. The AAA, and its member associations, will seek to ensure the athletes’ representative bodies are recognised, respecting the valuable contributions they bring to the sports which they dedicate much of their lives.

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