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The Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA) welcomes the Australian Government announcement from Minister for Sport, Hon Greg Hunt MP, regarding the establishment of the National Sports Plan.

The AAA – as peak body for Australia’s elite professional athletes, representing more than 4,500 athletes through Australia’s eight major players’ associations (see below) – looks forward to engaging in meaningful dialogue with the government and Minister Hunt on the direction of sport in Australia.

As the representative body of a wide range of athletes - professional, semi-professional, amateur, World Champions, Olympians and Commonwealth Games athletes - the AAA is an invaluable source of inside information on the current processes and areas for improvement within Australian sport.

In response to the National Sports Plan announcement, AAA General Secretary Jacob Holmes, says the AAA's key focus is to work collaboratively with governing and industry bodies to ensure the strong future of Australian sport.

“We have a clear objective as provided by our members. This is to work in the best interests of the sports and the athletes in our mutual aims to grow our respective sports, and sports more generally, to the benefit of all stakeholders and the wider community.

“The development of a National Sports Plan is an important step forward to ensuring all sports stakeholders have a clear direction for the future.

“It is our firm belief that through genuine partnership between the sports, athletes and wider stakeholders, much can be achieved in and through sport.”

The associations involved in the AAA are:

·       AFL Players’ Association

·       Rugby League Players’ Association

·       Australian Cricketers’ Association

·       Rugby Union Players’ Association

·       Australian Netball Players’ Association

·       Australian Basketballers’ Association

·       Professional Footballers Australia

·       Australian Jockeys’ Association