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What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Australia’s athletes are the public face of Australian sport. They carry the nation’s hopes and expectations, both on and off the field. Their performances are often viewed as the nation’s wellbeing barometer. Australians love nothing more than to boast in the successes of our athletes, but they are just as quick to criticise.

Our athletes understand and accept this. Our athletes know it is a privilege to represent their club, their country and their fans. But it is no accident that our athletes are in such a position. They are not simply gifted or blessed with a talent. Talent alone will not see them succeed. Our athletes work hard, they make endless sacrifices –social, dietary, educational – and they are focused on getting the best out of themselves and their teammates. And they do all of this for what is in most cases a short term career. And when it is over, they are often forgotten, without an education and without financial security.

The AAA has developed a policy platform, underpinned by a Charter of Athletes’ Rights. This policy platform comprises four foundation policies, in the important areas of:

  1. Good Governance
  2. Integrity
  3. Athlete Development and Wellbeing
  4. Health and Safety.

These policies have been developed to guide, assist and educate sports’ governing bodies, Governments, media and the general public of the athletes’ position in respect of these important areas. The policies will also inform collective negotiations between the sports and athlete representatives.

The Australian Athelete's Alliance Stands For...

Good Governance

Well governed sports and sporting organisations that make decisions which not only lead to sporting success but which are ethical, transparent, accountable and in the long term best interests of all stakeholders including the athletes.

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The establishment of an independent Athletes’ Integrity Unit, run by the athletes through the AAA, with the purpose of engaging, educating and empowering athletes to combat the threats to the integrity of sport. The defence of sport begins with the athletes, who are part of the solution, and not the cause of the problem.

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Athlete Development and Wellbeing

All athletes working in environments that promote long term personal growth and wellbeing in addition to sporting excellence. Every athlete should have the opportunity to develop skills to manage the demands of his or her sport and the transition into meaningful vocations once his or her sporting career has concluded.

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Health and Safety

Safe sporting workplaces, which promote and protect the physical and mental health of athletes and their social wellbeing. Athletes must be treated and supported when injured.

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